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Our Limo Hire Aldershot Branch is becoming extremely popular and gone from strength to strength over the last few years. Whether you are looking for limo hire in Aldershot, limousines for hire in Aldershot look no further. Limo Hire Aldershot is here to help as we are the fastest growing Limo Hire Company in Aldershot, you can choose from some of the most exotic limos in Aldershot. Do not worry; we do cover every area of Aldershot and if you are further away from Aldershot we will locate the nearest branch for you. Visit our national website on Limousine Hire - Limo Hire Some other major branches include Limousine Hire Nottingham- Limousine Hire Manchester

Aldershot is known worldwide for it's links with the British Army. However, it did not really become a town at all until the first military camp was set up here in 1854. Before this, it was a small agricultural village, just like hundreds of others; but since it was in an area of barren heathland, it could only support a tiny population. Nevertheless, people have lived around Aldershot since the earliest times. Some very old flint tools and weapons have been discovered in the area; and there are also the sites of prehistoric earthworks.

The nearest, Caesar's Camp, is thought to date from well before Roman times (despite it's name, given to it much later). The name "Aldershot" means a wood (or copse) of alder trees. It was first recorded as "aldershete" in the 13th Century; and since then at least 19 different spellings have been recorded. Incidentally, "shot", m eaning wood or copse, occurs in the names of many other local towns and villages.

Limo Hire Aldershot

Aldershot was once part of the ancient Crondall Hundred, which covered 30,000 acres of land in North East Hampshire. This area of land was left by King Alfred to his nephew Ethelm in the 9th Century. In 975 it was handed over by King Edgar to the monks at Winchester; and remained in their hands until 1539 (the time of the dissolution of the monasteries) when their lands were seized by King Henry VIII. Two years later, he gave this land to the new Dean and Chapter of Winchester Cathedral. It remained in their hands (except briefly, during the Civil War, when it was seized by Parliament) until 1861, when it was taken over by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners.

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