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History of Sheffield and its Metal Industry

The area now occupied by the City of Sheffield has been inhabited since at least the late Upper Palaeolithic period, about 12,800 years ago. The settlements that grew and merged to form Sheffield, however, date from the second half of the 1st millennium, and are of Anglo-Saxon and Danish origin. In Anglo-Saxon times the Sheffield area straddled the border between the kingdoms of Mercia and Northumbria. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle reports that King Eanred of Northumbria submitted to King Egbert of Wessex at the hamlet of Dore (now a suburb of Sheffield) in 829. This event made Egbert the first Saxon to claim to be king of all England. After the Norman Conquest, Sheffield Castle was built to protect the local settlements, and a small town developed that is the nucleus of the modern city.

Sheffield is a city of more than half a million people.  It lies at the southern end of England's Pennine hills, within the county of Yorkshire on its border with the forests of Nottinghamshire and the Derbyshire Dales.

For 700 years, Sheffield has been at the forefront of world progress in metals technology. "Made in Sheffield" became a brand recognised worldwide for innovation and quality in cutlery and tool-making

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'Made In Sheffield’ is one of the world’s great brands, made famous internationally as a mark of origin and quality on the city’s manufactured products.

Today, Sheffield is a successful 21st century producer city, boasting world-class companies in sectors as diverse as advanced manufacturing, materials technology, the creative and digital industries and biomedical / healthcare technology.

Sheffield’s companies now have the opportunity to declare their proud Sheffield credentials through the use of the new ‘Made in Sheffield’ Mark, a symbol of the city’s ongoing commitment to quality and excellence.

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