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Wedding day tips Limo Hire Manchester

Wedding Day Tips in Manchester

Limo Hire Manchester

Limo Hire Manchester

Make sure you do >>>

Call your Limousine Hire Manchester Company and confirm you limousine hire with them

Call your care hire company and see if everything is ok with them in Manchester

Eat a satisfying breakfast. Probability is you will not be able to eat a full meal for the rest of the day. McDonalds break in Manchester will be the quickest process.

Have a dip in the tub. This will help calm your nerves and help you feel relaxed.

Get ready early. Have your make-up and hair done ahead of time. Have your attendants arrive early too. Just confirm with them a night before, try making sure your helpers are from Manchester this will avert traffic delays and so on in Manchester

Apply white or colourless polish. Unless you are wearing a coloured gown, do not put on coloured nail polish as it will overpower your whole attire.

Bring a bridal pouch with you to carry your wedding day necessities. You do not want to be calling on your mother, sister, best friend, or wedding planner every time you need a lip gloss.

If you haven't written your vows and speech yet, write them neatly in a small index card.

Do not ask somebody to write it for you.

Keep a crisis kit in the car. Bits and pieces like panty hose, safety pins, bobby pins, spot remover, aspirin, needles and thread, a pair of scissors.
Keep a blush and lip gloss with you for touch-ups.
Spend some time with your guests especially your family.
Enjoy your wedding day.

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Do not overdo the make-up. You do not want to look like a vampire on your wedding pictures.

Don't be late. set aside extra time for the unforeseen - traffic, detours, etc.  Limousine Hire Manchester will address these issues before they set of from the depot.

Do not trust your wedding rings to your ring bearer. Ask a more responsible adult to safe keep them for you.

Do not ask unexpected guests (most of the time, invitees who did not RSVP but decided to attend in the end) to pay for their meals (this happens).

You do not want to ruin the most important day in your life by getting involved in the details of the wedding. Leave that to the wedding planner.

Do not forget to bring your sense of humour with you. You will need tons of this especially when things are not going the way you wanted to.

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