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Your prom night is one of the most imagined nights on your calendar. Filled with great prospect and impressive designs and Limo Hire Nottingham is also on your mind.  Prom Nights can very often end up being more of a let down than a high point. How can you keep your prom night memories from becoming nightmares? We have some important prom saving tips for teens.  If you would like to speak to us regarding your prom night give us a call at Limousine Hire Nottingham and we will give you impartial advice all the time.  At Nottingham Limousine Hire we have dedicated and experienced staff to deal with your queries.

The most frequent basis people have bad prom experiences is due to the company they prefer to keep on prom night. While the saga of the prom night may make it seem like a night for couples, this is not always the best scenario, nor does going as part of a group guarantee a good time. Be smart about which you go with. Volatile relationships, quasi-friendships and dying romances have no place at a prom.

Proms are expensive. By the time you have paid for tickets, bought an outfit and arranged your Limousine Hire you are easily at the £300 mark. Want to pull off a painless and money saving prom night? Try borrowing an outfit from an older friend or parent, going in on a limousine with a group and going Dutch treat on the tickets. Prom doesn't have to be an investment in order to be fun! Nottingham Limo Hire will be able to help as we offer some of the most competitive rates in the country.

Peer pressure and pop culture have many teens believing that prom night and alcohol go hand-in-hand. This is not reality. Most proms are in fact "dry" proms and the best memories are made while sober. After all, who wants to spend prom night hanging over a toilet or sleeping it off in a corner? Want to guarantee the best prom memories possible? Play it smart and stay straight. Limousine Hire Nottingham

While prom is exciting it is really just a big party with fancy clothes. It won't be much different than any other party you attend throughout the year. You will likely hang with the same crew, talk about the same things and tell the same lame jokes. Don't expect prom to be a new dawn in your social life or the beginning of a grand love affair - great expectations always end up deflated.

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