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Who's driving you around? - Top Tips from our professionals

As the Limousine hire industry is becoming bigger and bigger the demand for drivers also increases. Many people happen to jump at the opportunity of becoming limo driver in the United Kingdom. There are many reasons associated to this:- for reward recognition and driving super luxurious limousine. We are Leeds Limousine hire don’t employee if these are the reasons for becoming a limousine driver. We have strict requirements and all our drivers have to meet these regardless of looks, professionalism or experience.

Questions you might want to ask limousine companies before hiring a limousine.

Have your drivers been checked by Criminal Records Bureau (CRB)?

At Limousine Hire Leeds no one is employed unless we have done this and no offence has been recorded.

Have your limousine drivers had any training related to driving limousines?

We at Limousine Hire Leeds check previous experience and produce a bespoke training package designed around each drivers needs. Training lasts two weeks; this is on top of drivers passing a PCV (public carrying vehicle) licence test which can take 4 to 8 weeks. Only if the driver passes both tests is he allowed to progress onto the next stage,

Do your drivers comply to any regulations?

Limo Hire Leeds drivers must comply with all codes of conducts set by the company / Local Authorities and the Government. Our drivers are required to undergo random alcohol and drugs testing to ensure they don't danger themselves and others whist on hire.

How clean are your limousines?

Limousine Hire in Leeds endeavours to clean all its vehicles from inside and outside. Drivers are required to make sure the vehicle is spotless before it arrives. There will be times when nature does not allow the vehicle turning up clean from the outside, we have to be honest and say even then our drivers try their best to make sure the vehicle is spotless from outside.

Are your vehicles safe and how do we know that?

Other than the MOT test on all vehicles our vehicles go through a full service every 3 months and are fully inspected according to MOT standards just to make sure everything is OK. Before a vehicle leaves the Depot the driver has to carry out a 32 point inspection on the vehicle, this includes, tyre check, brake and brake light check, oil check, water check and money other things. No vehicle leaves the depot it fails on any one point. (How's that for safety)

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