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Limousine Hire Leeds invests over £1 MILLION on re-development

Limousine Hire Leeds has yet again proved itself successful when it comes to providing superb limousine hire.  The Director of Leeds Limousine Hire wants everyone to know about the amount of money the company is spending to provide its customers with yet again improved and world class booking system along with fully trained Client Liaison officers. 

We have listened to our customers and this is why Leeds Limousine Hire is spending over £1 Million on upgrading the fleet, upgrading the booking system and also assigning a ‘client liaison officer’ to all our clients.  This would indicate every time you phone in you can speak to the same person to obtain an update on your booking, thus increasing and setting a new benchmark on customers services.

We have spending a significant amount of money on improving our vehicles, our clients wanted the Range Rover Sport Limousine and we listened. Clients also want the new Triple Axle Hummer H2, and again we listened.  Both of the vehicles will be here in early 2007.  The investment does not end there we have opened offices across many counties in the UK for the simple reason of providing a localised service to our valued customers.  Don’t forget even though we have ordered the new vehicles we also have the Hummer H2 Limousine in black, Hummer H2 Limousine in White, The Baby Bentley Limousine, Phantom Limousine and the Lincoln Navigator limousine ready to transport you to your destination style.

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