UK motorists Spend 16million on Private plates

The £16,000,000 doesn't include the amount spent on regular online sales either, meaning we've actually spent much more than that - despite the ongoing recession. The biggest price for a plate in 2011 was '12 O', which went for more than £60,000 at an auction held in the Imperial War Museum, Manchester.

Last week's sale in Gaydon saw '14 O' sell for over £40,000, becoming the third most expensive plate of 2011. A lady whose name isn't clear at all spent £20,000 on the plate 'AL11 SON' at the same auction. Those entire pale by comparison to the most expensive plates sold in the UK, though, with '1 D' commanding the biggest price ever at auction - a staggering £285,000 in March 2009. It was bought by a Lebanese businessman as a lovely surprise for his wife. The plate industry is growing year upon year with thousands of people looking around the internet for the right plate for them.

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