The DeLorean DMC-12

While new cars was were being unveiled at the LA auto show, another classic stepped up to the plate in the Back to The Future III. The American auctionists used the vehicle in 1955 drive in movie scene and after filming at the Universal studios for over 14 years, a display at the Peterson Automotive. After filming the movie for Universal studios over 14 years ago with a short time display comes with a full vehicle identification number for the car and to prove that it is in fact the same car used in the Back To the Future trilogy. The movie car came second in a vote which took place on Auto Trader not long ago where it fell short to the winner which was the James Bond Aston Martin from the film Golden Finger.

The car is set to go on sale in short time and with the car set for auction, people are expected the vehicle to make around £250,000 to £450,000, serious money but you will be grabbing yourselves a true piece of history and making the vehicle live even longer in the future.

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