The Cash Cab Limo

The Cash Cab limo which is based in New York, Chicago and now in the state Milwaukee all in the USA has been travelling around the America for a different reason other than providing limousine hire and chauffer driven services. The Marquette University government turned the limo into a van gaming show for young students to compete in the Cash Cab show which will be aired on the Discovery channel. They have used this as a marketing technique in order for students to use the limousine service which they provide in these areas. They were tons of free cash giveaways and prizes to be won on the day and they also gave time for students to socialise among others and chill out.

The special limo was disguised as a van and people couldn’t tell that inside held a luxury limousine, the company said celebrities may use the vehicle to hide their identity to fool people that it was only just a van travelling but now the motor has been advertised it is looking very unlikely that this will be the case. Students were then racked with questions to try and win some cash and reporter Alex Busbee rode along and filmed the event which will be aired on the discovery channel in the future.

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